I am Elina.

Self-introductions are difficult. Which is maybe why I prefer writing about others.

I am by no means a professional writer or a blogger but I greatly enjoy writing. I am moved by life – everything that we plan for it and everything it turns out to be. I value the small moments that make a big difference and believe in the extraordinary of the ordinary.

This space is as a creative outlet for this passion and a way to share the precious moment when one human confides in another.

It is about people. And their stories. Stories you would hear over a cup of coffee.

Every story you will find here is authentic. 

Should you read something you like, leave me a comment. Share it. Send it to a friend.

Chances are – if it speaks to you, it speaks to a million.

Thank you for being part of this!



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My personal life inspiration

“You must begin from where you are.”
Marianne Wells

Student of Marianne Wells Yoga School.